Star Trek™ Phaser Laser Pointer

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Tired of giving the same old presentation? 

Scared to lull your Gorn-like audience to sleep? 

Perhaps your cat needs another hobby? 

It’s time to make way for the absolute coolest laser pointer this part of the Alpha Quadrant.

The Novo Geek is very happy to finally present laser technology that is long over due: The Star Trek™ Original Series Key Chain Phaser Pointer! Set your presentations to STUNNING as you whip out your Phaser pointer to unleash fury on charts, graphs, and other items of importance. You will marvel at the detailing and functionality as you depress the trigger and watch the acrylic tip illuminate red with your pointer.

Your audience will surely take notice, bringing them to full alert as you deliver a command performance masterfully… just like Captain James T. Kirk would, were he in your place. 

Product Features

  • Chrome metal collar with rotating ring, just like original prop.
  • Light-up clear acrylic tip.
  • Red laser emmission.
  • Built-in keychain for ease of transportation.
  • Meticulous detailing, modeled after TOS Phaser. 
  • Runs on three (3) AG5 batteries.
  • Product Dimensions: 0.88in x 4.38in x 3.00in

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