Star Trek: The Next Generation Novelty Men's Necktie

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The Novo Geek is proud to introduce the next piece in the family of unique, über-accurate Star Trek ties. This time we jump ahead to the 24th century and into the realm of Star Trek™: The Next Generation. Featuring fabric dyed to "Picard" burgundy and "Data" gold, the colors of these ties are accurate to the uniforms from both The Next Generation series and as seen on the ANOVOS uniform replicas featured in The Big Bang Theory

For our more discreet geeks, we have you covered with a miniaturized magnetic communicator badge that can be easily removed and applied at your command. So, what are you waiting for? Wear the one tie that empowers you to unabashedly tell your colleagues to "Make it so!", or deliver lines of technobabble breathlessly (with or without using contractions)!


  • Production and screen-accurate color for both command burgundy ("Picard") and services gold ("Data")!
  • Miniature Starfleet communicator badge that can be magnetically applied or removed for the more discreet or indiscrete geeks among us! (That means that there isn't an actual pin sticking through the fabric and thus causing holes in the tie's fabric!)
  • Characteristic asymmetric TNG uniform peak.
  • 56 inches in length.


  • Woven cotton blend as used on the Star Trek™: The Next Generation Standard-Line Tunics (coming late 2013).
  • Miniature metal alloy communicator badge with magnetic base.

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